2019 Aviation Insurance Hard Market Segments

We are now past the 1st quarter of the first aviation insurance hardmarket in more than 15 years and we have a better idea of how each segment of the marketplace is being affected:

Highest increases in premium and reductions in coverage (as much as 100% – 300% ):

  • Helicopter operations with owner pilots
  • Commercial helicopter operations
  • Turbine operations with owner pilots
  • Charter operators with piston aircraft

Overall increases in the order of 10% to 20%:

  • Charter Operations
  • Products Liability
  • Older aircraft
  • Pilots aged 70 or higher

Mostly unaffected segments:

  • Light Aircraft with low value, low liability limits, experienced pilots.
  • Part 91 business jets.

Soft segments showing rate decreases:

  • Workers Compensation

The industry consensus is that aircraft insurance rates will continue to harden and increase, the perceived period of the hard market is 3-4 years. As always extraordinary world events can change the hard market, usually for the worst.