The mission of True-Course Aviation Insurance Services is to provide the Aerospace community with the highest standards of insurance brokerage services and risk management consulting.

True-Course stands for making the right choice the first time and, with unwavering integrity, guiding you along the path that mitigates risk to the minimum denominator at the most competitive cost.

Aviation insurance costs can be a very high component of your business expenses; as a result, this is one investment that must be approached tactfully and with expertise. Relationships are the key to establishing clear communication and trust between you and your insurance company. And our relationships with all available aviation insurers are part of our competitive advantage.


Our definition of service is simple: To be available every day and at all times because the operating characteristic of risk is unpredictability. Our services include:

  • Risk management consulting, including risk mitigation alternatives to an insurance-only solution.
  • Claim process advocacy, consulting, and expertise.
  • Contract reviews and resolution to the risk management component.
  • Insurance marketplace intelligence reports and peer market data.
  • Insurance policy placement and policy servicing.
  • Aerospace business and aircraft acquisition consulting.

True-Course Aviation is our execution after years of studying the industry and the fundamental problems faced by aviation insurance consumers. Our goal is to deliver the best price and coverage, always. The focus is to create long term relationships by delivering exceptional service and value every time you interact with us.