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Aviation Safety and Complex New Technology

Based on the second 737 Max accident we are in the midst of reaction surrounding the tragedy, with a lot of airlines grounding the jet until a confident conclusion is reached:


Based on some recent comments about the complexity of new aircraft today and the connection of this complexity to accidents like this we decided to give our 2 cents.

While newer technologies can be connected to aircraft accidents, the overwhelming result of aviation technology developments, particularly in avionics has been a dramatic increase in aviation safety.

Glass cockpits now provide a clear awareness of the situation at all times. In the old days we needed very advanced training techniques to teach pilots to discern the situational awareness from the steam gauges in front of them. The result of these large screens showing exactly what is happening to the jet has saved many many lives.

Based on Boeing’s company history and technology today we are confident the solution to this mystery will be found and addressed swiftly. We are right to demand the highest standards of safety. But we must also acknowledge that aviation has never been safer.

Our experience with aircraft insurance over the past 20 years clearly has shown that.