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Client Recounts his Experience with True-Course in the hard market.

This was posted today on a public forum: 

“I learned a tough lesson this year in regards to our commercial insurance.


The broker I have been using for 25+ years was operating on autopilot, just figuring that the expiring policy would just renew. Because of claims paid for 2 slip and falls, unrelated to aviation activities, they would not renew. The broker made no attempt to sell our blemished history to the other markets, so they declined writing the policy.

I called Alejandro, at True-Course Aviation Insurance and explained my plight. He went to bat for me, and shopped the markets and found me the coverage I needed. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, and he kept me informed every step of the way. And since he landed our account, the service by him and his staff has been excellent.

The bottom line is, the broker who is working for you makes all the difference. The industry doesn’t make it easy, with all that “broker of record” stuff, but as a consumer, we have to do the work of finding a broker that will do the negotiations with the insurers on our behalf.

I had a previous relationship with Alejandro, and when panicked I “Called a Friend.””