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Boeing against the Media, the currents of FAA regulations, and government subsidized competitors.

The 737 Max saga continues. The media has been merciless with the manufacturer, articles such as this one are clearly biased against Boeing: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47812225

Are they wrong about Boeing’s role in the 2 tragedies? Not entirerly. However perspective needs to be included if you are making a fair report.

Why has the 737 stubbornly remained a mainstay of econo-airline culture for 50 years? Because the cost of developing new airliners is so high due to government oversight that building on the same model is the only path to remain profitable. Like it or not, Boeing is there for not only the paying public and its customers, but also for its stakeholders.

Despite the hurdles the 737 has been a tremendously successful aircraft by all accounts – highest of all its safety record.

It is now clear that Boeing did not handle the Max training deployment properly. Particularly when there are procedures in place with dealing with a runaway MCAS system, these procedures have been used successfully in the US and it involves disabling the elevator trim. The article above does not go into such detail, of course.

It is also clear that an all new aircraft would have been a much better idea than the umpteenth iteration of the 737.

Like other aircraft models that have had development challenges and subsequent fixes the Max will recover from this and contribute to the excellent safety record of the Boeing fleet.

Boeing will have to pay for this error. But will airline development costs be reduced? If they are not Boeing will never able to compete with a government subsidized Airbus and Bombardier.